Pro For Home Refrigerator Storage Containers


With the goal of bringing innovation and beautiful design to your personal kitchen, Geoffrey put countless hours into developing this system that will increase your refrigerator's capacity and keep you organized. Inspired by professional kitchens' impeccable organization and storage methods, these container systems are designed to help any home cook feel like a Pro, saving you money by keeping your food fresh longer with the airtight seal and insert tray and helping you serve up delicious meals to your family and friends.

-Included insert tray to lift food away from moisture
-Microwave safe; try steaming broccoli, recipe below!
-Top rack dishwasher safe
-BPA free
-Extremely durable plastic
-Labeling surface to keep track of expiration dates


Recipes & Storage Suggestions

Steamed Broccoli with Pesto Broth, Walnuts and Pecorino Romano

Coq au Vin “GZ”

Butter Lettuce Salad, Parisienne Style

Brown Rice Crab Cakes

Roasted Mushroom and Bread Soup

Briased Green Beans with Tomatoes