Zakarian Immersion Blender

Your go to sous chef in the kitchen! Replace your blender, food processor, hand mixer, stand mixer, masher, whisk all in the palm of your hand! All stainless steel attachments and motor wand with a soft touch handle. This blender is the quality that we use in the restaurant. You will get perfect results EVERY TIME and you get to control what your ingredients are. This is your go to in the kitchen for a TON of things. Blend, mash and whisk in the palm of your hand. Make soups, bisques, sauces, salsas, dressings, drinks, mashed potatoes, guacamole and even whipped cream. This has 13 speed settings low to high and a Turbo setting that can also be used as a pulse button. Also includes a whisk, masher and blender attachment.

Blending Attachment

The Blending Attachment is used for normal blending. You can blend soups in a mixing bowl, or smoothies in a mason jar.

Whisking Attachment

The Whisking Attachment is used for whipping, beating eggs, or mixing batter.

Mashing Attachment

The Mashing Attachment is perfect for mashing potatoes or smoothing out dips like guacamole.


To use the Turbo Setting you must hold down the Turbo Button. This will give you a little extra power. You can also use this as a “Pulse” setting.

Includes 4 recipes crafted by Chef Zakarian.