Zakarian Collection Olive Oil


First Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

Geoffrey Zakarian collaborated with Liokareas, a family owned - 5th generation olive oil cultivar located in Lagada, Mani in the Kalamata region of Greece to make this ultra-premium limited-edition cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Our EVOO is award winning and exclusively served and sold at CoopersHawk.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is acknowledged as the Healthiest edible oil source. The Mediterranean diet has been related to decreased cardiovascular disease and cancer due to its high content of Polyphenols. EVOO consumption is directly correlated with decrease incidents of Alzheimer’s.

KORONEIKI OLIVE: This cultivar of olive is the most common in southern Greece and amongst the highest quality cultivars for EVOO production. These olives are very small, and when properly harvested and pressed, produce a high quality, low acidity EVOO full of flavor.

FLAVOR NOTES: Green, Grassy, Green Tomato, Banana, Apple, Chicory, Fresh Herbs, Medium-Sweetness, Slight Bitterness, Pungent with a peppery finish.

Product Details

  • 500ml(16.9oz)

  • Hand picked olives

  • Extra Virgin, First Cold-pressed

  • Single origin from a 5th-generation family owned estate in Greece 

  • Less than 0.3% Acidity 

  • Award winning EVOO at international olive oil competitions

  • Free of chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilizer

  • Stored at cold temperatures to preserve freshness

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