Zakarian Awesome Cookies

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian has teamed up with Cravory Cookies, a boutique cookie company with a passion for process, exceptional ingredients and an absolute addiction to cookies. Together they have updated classic recipes to produce cookies with a soft center and a perfectly baked surface for a taste that is both gooey and crisp.  They use the finest ingredients and innovative recipes to create a truly “awesome cookie!”


8 Classic Chocolate Chip

Made from Scratch from the best ingredients. Real Butter - Brown sugar for rich caramel notes - Madagascar Vanilla paste - and 3 different types of chips (Dark, Milk, and Semi-sweet chips) Never any vanilla extract or just semi-sweet chips like all the others.

8 Madison Avenue Fudge

For Chocolate Lovers - Rich all chocolate cookies. Made from Scratch. Dark chocolate imported from Belgium is melted down and added to the real butter and cream. All others use cocoa powder but we don't. Then we add milk chocolate chips. The real chocolate give the intense taste and rich texture. Our chocolate doesn't hide behind other ingredients - it's the star.

8 Cookie Jar Snickerdoodle

Made from Scratch. Hand-rolled in a house-made sugar/cinnamon mixture - which gives it a great crunch! Also Cinnamon in the dough. We add Madagascar Vanilla which all others leave out for additional flavor and richness. "Sometimes Simple is Better."

Warm the Cookies for 5- 10 seconds in the microwave for the ultimate home-made experience with a gooey center!