Fresh Salmon Filets

We are partnering with The Fulton Fish Market, the world leader in fresh seafood home delivery, to offer you the finest fresh (never frozen) salmon! Receive (6) 5-oz portions or (12) 5oz portions of salmon shipped fresh. The seafood meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. Refrigerate upon receipt for up to 48hrs, freeze up to 4 months.

"I get my fresh fish from Fulton Fish Market to use at home and serve my family.  It is the same quality and freshness that I serve in my restaurants.”
- Chef Geoffrey Zakarian

  • Fulton Prime Salmon comes from the beautiful Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic

  • Fresh salmon is a lean source of high-quality protein high in omega-3s and omega-6s

  • All products delivered are packaged using a proprietary and stress-tested process which ensures the quality of fresh and frozen seafood

  • The Fulton Fish Market chefs routinely taste test this product against all other salmon products from around the globe to assure that your experience will be delightful