9x13" Non-Stick Cast Iron Baker
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Chef Geoffrey Zakarian has added a revolutionary new technology to his Pro For Home line of products: Non-Stick Cast Iron Cookware. These lifetime pans introduce the perfect balance of convenience and durability, combining all the strength of traditional cast iron with the easy cleanup of non-stick. As they can be used indoors, outdoors, on induction, ceramic glass, electric, or gas ranges, grills, and even in a scorching hot oven, previously not possible with other non-stick cookware, they provide extreme versatility and the superior heat conductivity of cast iron producing an exceptional sear, giving pro results in your home kitchen. The non-stick capability allows you to cook, and clean up, sticky or delicate dishes such as macaroni & cheese, cinnamon buns, eggs and even fish, with ease.

The PFOA-free non-stick coating makes cleaning easy and is FDA and Proposition 65 compliant. The non-stick coating is resistant to acidic food and can handle intense temperatures up to 500℉, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the coating. Silicone, nylon, wood or melamine cooking utensils are recommended to protect the non-stick coating.

  • Revolutionary non-stick on cast iron for perfect balance of durability and easy cleaning

  • Easy to clean PFOA-free non-stick coating is maintenance free

  • Durable cast iron withstands temperatures up to 500℉

  • Superior heat retention for chef quality flavor and a professional sear

  • Versatile and durable for indoor use, outdoor use, use in an oven, or use on a stove or grill

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