Pro For Home Sous Vide Bag Clips


When cooking Sous Vide, it is necessary to clip your bags to the side of the cooking vessel so that they stay in place, ensuring even distribution of the warm water. Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian has created these sleek clips based on his preference of how to keep the bags in place. There are four clips in one box.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made from heavy duty stainless steel, these brushed metal clips will not slip, spring off of the container or slide around. The strong internal spring clamps expertly around the bags.

DESIGN: In keeping with Chef Zakarian’s eye for detail and design, the clips are made of brushed stainless steel with a rounded and elegant profile. They will fit seamlessly with any kitchen designs or interiors.

VERSATILE: Because of their look and construction, the Zakarian Pro For Home Sous Vide Clips can do double duty all around the house. Chef Zakarian uses them not only in the kitchen for Sous Vide, but in the pantry to firmly hold closed open bags, in the kids playroom to clip artwork and in the garage to hold cords.


Pro For Home Sous Vide Circulator

Geoffrey's pro-chef technology adapted for the home kitchen.
Available as a Black Friday deal on Amazon until 11/25

Pro For Home Sous Vide Zip Top Bags

Available in quart and gallon sizes